Here's an overview of some of the projects I've built or made significant contributions to.


StackTrends is a website devoted to software engineering trend data. The data includes such metrics as how many developer jobs are available and what languages and frameworks are most or least in demand. All data can be viewed within the context of a location, whether that's by city, state, or nationwide.

It started its life as a proof-of-concept that got perpetually iterated on because it was my test-bed for trying out new liraries and frameworks. Whenever a new technology was proposed at work I would implement it here first to see how it handled; it was a low-risk environment and had plenty of data to work with for testing at scale.

At some unknown point StackTrends became a serious thing for me. It may have been because people knew it existed when I went to conferences or when I started to get emails from people asking questions about the data, I'm not entirely sure. Now I devote as much time as I'm able to it.

StackTrends has a stable monthly audience with modest growth and fields regular requests for custom datasets.

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Lash Fancy

Lash Fancy is a website that curates regional eyelash extension artist information.

The project got its start when I was contracted to crawl websites for eyelash artist data; it was scattered across many domains and often hard to find. Rather than toss the data out afterwards, my co-founder and I wrapped a site around it and encouraged artists to claim their pages and provide more detail to make them easier to find in search engines.

What started out as a thought experiment has been become one of the most, if not the most, comprehensive souces for this type of information in the country and continues to grow in unique visitors each month.

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